By Iorvor Jacob.

ABy Iorvor Jacob. Pain is a universal reality. Pain is as real as life. All of us experience this enemy called pain willy-nilly. The grotesque face of pain is no respecter of faces even of queens and kings, the mighty and the weak. Quite often, pain reduces even royalties and celebrities' zest to its lowest ebbs. Pain has a way of transforming the mighty into unwilling clowns. Pain, the sledge hammer of sorrow dangles it weapons even on the innocent leaving meaninglessness, a still birth in the bossom of humanity.
The degree of pain varies according to situation, circumstance, place and person. Pain may be physical or psychological. Physical pain may vanish with the medication of time. Psychological pain however, may defy the deepest and most touching forms of human sympathy and consolation. In fact, this type of pain, as it were, may develop sturdy resistance to all forms of panacea.
This is because psychological pain attacks the vital chords of reason: the defining box of human meaning. A person in psychological pain is no less a lunatic, he may only experience darts of happiness and then go back to his bed of sorrows.
Pain may be self-inflicted or caused by others. Each of those is no less grinding. On a broad consideration of morality, I find shame a byproduct of human behavior. Shame is not unconnected with psychological pain. Shame amplifies pain and accelerates its dehumanizing impact on the victim.
Today is one such days in my life, when the invasions of pain and shame have made me captive as I think about the burial of two young priests alongside seventeen others who were brutally murdered in church. As a Nigerian, the pain of watching my country decay, to say the least, is agonizing. As a Tiv man, the shame of helplessly watching my two younger brothers go into the pit does not only temper with my tribal pride but also clearly shows me how the weak are ready tools in the hands of the strong. Recent events, have pushed so many well-meaning Nigerians to revisit the statement made long ago by another Nigerian "Nigeria is a mere geographical expression"! Ruminating over this statement vis-a-vis the current drama of indiscriminate killings in Nigeria puts me on the hearth of pain. In particular, Fulani Herdsmen have recently reduced Tiv land to a slaughter slab where men, women and infants take their unwilling turns in cruel murder everyday. Tiv land and plateau has become a place where matches of human murder organized and fixed by the enemy are played night and day. The unarmed country folks continue to be at the mercy of the slaying blades of the Herdsmen who parade Tiv and plateau villages and settlements with sophisticated weapons in rhythmic pomp. Cattle rearers indeed! Quite sadly, this scenario is playing out in the full view of the chief security officer of the nation and Nigerians. Invariably the umpire of this gruesome murder-game is obvious. Silence can be interpreted in many ways. There is, for instance, the go-ahead silence. The primary duty of every government is to protect lives and property. In a situation where human life equals to nothing or comes after the life of cattle, then, there is so much to be answered. This, however, may be the case in question in Nigeria. Catalysed therefore by the apparent, urging executive silence and strengthened by the spirit, the arrogant "victor" of this game has embarked on the primitive method of conquer, subdue and settle as was the case in the era of imperial expansionism. Tiv Land and plateau state has become a good harvest of death. We have seen pain. We have felt pain. We have shared pain. We are familiar with pain. In fact, pain has become our daily bread. If the Tiv people and the plateau people are where they are by mistake, let it be said. If the Tiv people and plateau people sin because they farm, let Nigerians speak out. If the Tiv people and plateau people are foreigners, let it also be told. A people may be denied anything but life; the right to live.
Today, as crowds of orphaned boys and girls, of the widowed, those displaced and made destitute, those mutilated and deformed by the daggers of the wicked and the many countless others of our land who seek safety in the trees, caves, forests and river banks call upon the name of the savior, the one who vindicats and consoles. For the two priests who were murdered on duty, who were killed while in church doing what they offered their lives for, may they be exonerated in heaven. The crown of glory surely awaits you brothers. You were slain only to live on. As you get committed onto mother earth, may your bodies purify Tiv land and the blood you spilled mingle with that of Jesus to heal the land of Nigeria. May the God who fights for the defenseless, the unjustly oppressed of our society, all victims of hatred rise to take charge of Nigeria, the nation He so loves.
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