About Us

VISION: To produce a fearless and factuaĺ newspaper, dedicated to upholding the finest ideals of modern journalism.
MISSION: To publish a rich, balanced and reliable General Interest newspaper which informs, educates, entertains and reports on all issues affecting mankind, with passion, fortitude, patriotism, courage and factuality.
EMAIL: freshfactsnews@gmail.com
WEBSITE* : www.freshfactsonlinenews.com.
ABOUT US: Fresh Facts newspaper, published by MEDIA PROJECTS LTD, made its entry into the Nigerian news market on January 6, 2007 with the 'Hard Copy' of its Preview issue. It began weekly publication on March 6, 2007. It received instant acceptance by readers across Nigeria and within the international community. Many have lauded the newspaper, which publishes both hard and online versions, for its audacity, fearlessness and 'beyond-the-surface' and factual reporting. Fresh Facts reports on Economy, Shipping, Aviation, Business, Health, Living, Environment, Education, International Matters, Science & Tech, Entertainment, Sports, Politics and other stories which are relevant to the citizens of Nigeria and humanity, generally. It has received several awards, including the Best-Selling Weekly Newspaper Award by the Abuja Vendors Association in 2008. Its style of news presentation is fiery, breezy, and, sometimes, witty. It is published in simple English Language. It has obsession for probing those who occupy public offices, in order to make them more accountable to the people and to the law.
OUR LOCATION: 25, Mississippi Street, Maitama, Abuja.